Whilst still trying to gather thoughts together for a proper first post I thought it would be worth posting an introduction of myself, particularly as I feel that the purpose of this blog is interesting in and of itself.

I am a third year History and Anthropology student at Goldsmiths University and this blog is one part of my assessment criteria for my History module London’s Burning. As a third year who is currently drowning under the constant battering of deadlines for various written essays, I was completely enthralled with the idea of being allowed a certain amount of freedom in blogging. I feel very passionately about universities offering assessment methods that are flexible and allow for higher levels of creativity among students rather than only offering written based essays and exams. Having had an opportunity to submit a wordpress blog on Queer Spatial Tactics for Anthropology, I am very excited to be able to it again. Hopefully it will help me deal with some of my frustrating writing anxiety!

Aside from the assessment criteria, I was drawn to London’s Burning as a History module which provides an interdisciplinary approach to studying social movements in London. Having been born and bred in South London I am always interested in learning more about the historical roots of social movements in my home city, a place rich in diversity and cultural history. Being 24 years of age means that I have been involved in a fair few protests in London, partly as a student in response to the horrifying cuts to our education but mostly as a young queer person who has attended many a pride and other protests since I came out (PRIDE IS A PROTEST, STONEWALL WAS A RIOT).

I am looking forward to finally being given the chance to link my theoretical studies to actual things going on in the world, placing my experiences of protests within their historical contexts, and sharing that knowledge with others interested in social movements  (whilst the learning is actually taking place, rather than after the fact).

I hope you enjoy this blog and I look forward to finally being able to spread out my work load, rather than a quick dash towards the finish line! See you along the way.



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